Seth has wanted his own home since the age of 18. He would often ask when he could have his own place and he still asks us about getting married, driving, and being a dad.

Although we don't know the answer to all of Seth's questions, we have made the dream of owning his own home come true, thanks to the generous support of our community.

Seth moved into his new home, 'Joy House', in early April of 2020 and he has become more and more independent with each passing day. Seth is thriving in his new environment

 and his new home and new responsibilities have created the opportunity to learn new skills, including budgeting and housekeeping. It has also spurred his desire for financial independence so he can pay his own bills. He plans to continue to share his artistic ability, his love and his JOY with others by creating more artwork for Joy House products.

Achieving independence and being a successful adult is so important to every individual....Seth is no different.

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