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Joy House Project

Developing Independence for a person with Special Needs


Let's Build Seth a House

Seth Allen Truitt is 28 years old and has been asking for his own place for about 10 years.  He wants his independence and he is more than capable to fulfill this dream.



Being his mom has been one of my greatest joys in life.


The Land


A little about Seth and his family

Seth is such an asset to his family and his community so we thought it would be a great idea if we ALL worked together to fulfill this young man's dream! 
Our family lives on 5 acres of land, so we have the space to give Seth an opportunity to live Independently, and still be near us for support.  All we need is help raising the funds to do it.

Living Independently

Seth has wanted a home of his own for about ten years.  He often asks us when he will be able to have his own house, his own car, and even talks about wanting to get married and becoming a dad.  He has so many hopes and dreams just like everyone else, and we, as his parents, plan to do whatever we can to make some of those dreams come true.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Joy House will cost about $40,000 to build, which includes materials, septic, utilities, appliances and permit fees.  It is our prayer that many people who love Seth, are encouraged by Seth, or just love the idea of helping a very special young man live his dream, will be moved to donate funds to make this dream happen.  There are several ways that your help can be offered.  First, we need folks to simply donate funds.  400 people donating $100 will cover the whole project.  We will also have a list of all materials and equipment and appliances with their cost so that people can pick and choose if they want to donate the materials instead of money.  Finally, we will need hands on help.  Joe will be the general contractor and be doing the lion's share of the building.  He would welcome anyone who would like to come out and frame walls, hang drywall, roof, paint, siding, etc.

The house

The house will be 36 x 10, which is 360 sq ft.  I would like to add several safety precautions such as

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